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  • Who is Brand Empowerment Coaching for?
    Brand Empowerment Coaching is for visionaries who spend their time dreaming up ways to make a transformative shift in the culture of people within the African Diaspora. It is for the creative who needs an energy boost to reconnect to their passions and divine purpose. It is for individuals and business owners who are ready to shift the narrative and embark on a new journey to bring their gifts to the world.
  • What is included in the Manifest Branding service?
    The Manifest Branding service includes graphic design, business consulting, organizational planning and marketing strategy support.
  • I have not launched my business yet. Can I still receive services?
    Yes! The Manifest Branding service has brand packages for business start ups, experienced entrepreneurs, small-large corporations and even businesses who need a rebranding. Request a quote for a customized brand package fit for your brand's specific needs.
  • What if I just need a logo? Do I have to invest in a brand package?
    You can request services outside of a brand package. Schedule a FREE consultation with Brand Empowerment Coach, Sharron Tiffany to learn more about your specific needs. Visit the services page to learn more.
  • How do I get started?
    You can schedule a FREE brand empowerment consultation call with Sharron Tiffany to discuss your brand's needs and goals! Visit the services page to schedule a consultation.
  • Do you offer printing and shipping?
    Yes! Printing and shipping is available for a limited menu of marketing materials with an additional fee. Ask about the printing services during your consultation.
  • Where are workshops hosted?
    Due to COVID-19 precautions, all workshops are offered virtually until further notice.
  • How long are the workshops?
    Workshops last from 60 mins up to 120 mins.
  • How do I schedule a workshop?
    Email to schedule a workshop.
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