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The Self Care Sage

2019 - Full Circle Branding

A modern and minimalistic self care awareness brand that provides luxurious self care retreats and healing experiences that incorporate yoga and DIY workshops to promote mental, physical and spiritual wellness.

Kemi Abifarin

2022 - Rebranding

A bold and culturally inspiring brand highlighting the services and teachings of Arts, Culture and Education Specialist Kemi Abifarin. The services provided include: Yeye's Academy, Yemoja's Gifts Collection, and Culture 4MyKids, Inc. 

Kemi Abifarin brand highlight.png


Antioch-Global brand highlight (1).png

2022 - Brand Integration

A contemporary brand leading a paradigm shift in the culture and application of the church. Antioch-Global is an apolistic hub and model for a new way of leading the christian nation through their services: Antioch Christian Worship Center, Antioch University (AntiochU), Antioch Christian Academy and Antioch Community Engagement Services.

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