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The mind is the source of all our vision and insight. It houses our dreams, our memories and our fears. What we are taught about ourselves and who we are as people of African Descent serves as the foundation of the mindset by which we perceive all things around and within us. When you are fueled for purpose, you are dedicated to healing your mental space from unhealthy, unbalanced programming to fulfill your divine purpose.

Our bodies are the vessels that our ancestors passed down to us. It is within our bodies that we have been gifted ideas, experiences and traumas that shape our current realities. The body we live in is our way of physically manifesting our divine purpose within the world. When you are fueled for purpose you value the unique composition of your body. Our skin is sacred. Our DNA is divine.



The spirit is the space within our souls that keeps us on the path of alignment to our divine purpose. It brings along with it messages, secrets and wisdom from our past. As people of African Descent, the spirit is what has sustained us in this world where we are often taught to turn away from it. A person who is fueled for purpose is in tune with their spiritual self and honors the ways that it protects, reveals and connects us to our divine calling.

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